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[T3] I'm back

Hi people!

I'm back from the military exersise I've been to for the last two weeks,
it's been almost like a vacation. Two weeks of hardly doing anything but
talking to other people, playing cards, reading books etc. while staying
on emergency duty in an army hospital located in a sportshall.

I did meet up with a guy that was interested in buying a fastback
though, he said he had hands on a car, and was going to check it out
more after the excersise. I naturally informed him of the list and Gregs
site, so hopefully he will show up here. I did stress to him that he
should come here to find answers to all his questions, so we'll see.

Other than that, I did actually see two T3s on my trip up north, first I
saw a fasty in Narvik, a longnose in the nice turqoise metallic paint.
It did also have lots of primer spots in grey and read so it wasnt too
nice. I also saw a longnose Variant in the late light red color. This
car was sitting next to an oval Beetle, and the front end of the square
was jacked up, so it seems work was undergoing.

It has been strange not sitting in front of a computer for the last 16
days, but it's good to be back home.

73 Variant L

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