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Re: reply to jim

Forwarded to the list:

On 22 Mar 2001, at 8:23, jesse and monica wrote:

> i will check all of the wire's for the fi. i could have disturbed
> something when i was messing around in there. after i  check that i
> think i will pull the warm-up injector and get my wife to crank the
> motor, that way i can see if i am getting any fuel. i know that the
> screen in the tank is not clogged because i removed the fuel hose and
> i got soaked with gas! i had to laugh because someone had posted to
> watch out for this. im such a dummy! anyway, if i am not getting fuel
> to the injectors do you think the clog would most likely be in the
> pump itself? i could easily pull it and clean it out. let me know. i
> forgot to tell you yes...the pump is running for a second when i
> switch on the key.

It sounds to me like you've gotten this clogged idea into your head 
and the first thing you need to do is rid yourself of this idea. You 
should be able to do this if you will remove the screw from the tap 
between the #3 and 4 injectors. That's a spot set up to attach a 
pressure gauge. If you have a gauge, you can connect it there with 
a 5/16" rubber hose and measure the pressure. If you don't have a 
gauge you can just attach the hose and direct it into a can.

Get someone to turn the key ON while you watch the hose. They 
may have to cycle the key several times to clear the line of air. 
Once the air is out of the line, you should get a strong flow out of 
the hose for about 1 second each time you cycle the key to ON.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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