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Re: [T3] carb rebuild

on 22/3/2001 7:13 PM, Steven Ayres at comwest@well.com wrote:

> Has the car been running well before in your experience? When you keep it
> running with the throttle open, is it running smoothly? Can you tell whether
> it's running on all four? Unsynchronized carbs are more likely to idle than
> accelerate OK. If it's running more or less smoothly but just won't idle, it
> could be something as simple as a sticky butterfly or your idle air
> adjustment, which is both touchy and crucial. You could be on the right
> track, but I'd have to put a lot more effort into diagnosis before I'd even
> consider opening up the carbs.
I have noticed the easiest way to tell if the carbs are not in sync is to
quickly snap the thottle a bit and you will hear a sort of a cough, if they
are in sync, it should sound smooth when you do this.

BTW. Has anyone got any smart ways of setting the idle air screw? I am
running 32PDSIT's on my beetle, everything is stock as it is on a Type III
except for the linkage which is a custom one. At the moment I am only
getting about 13 miles per gallon! I can get the idle screw spot on, but it
is harder to get the idle air screw right.

Ben Doughney

'71 1302S

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