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Re: [T3] carb rebuild

Jerrod=> i think the timing is off and i think that the dual carbs
=> were dirty, clogged and un-synchronized..
=> does this sound like the right conslusion?
=> you all think a rebuild is the right thing?

Has the car been running well before in your experience? When you keep it
running with the throttle open, is it running smoothly? Can you tell whether
it's running on all four? Unsynchronized carbs are more likely to idle than
accelerate OK. If it's running more or less smoothly but just won't idle, it
could be something as simple as a sticky butterfly or your idle air
adjustment, which is both touchy and crucial. You could be on the right
track, but I'd have to put a lot more effort into diagnosis before I'd even
consider opening up the carbs.

It's really not a good idea to just tear into the carbs unless you have a
lot of time to learn how to put back the adjustments you'll be trashing. If
you're already in there, BE THOROUGH and METICULOUS -- check that every jet
and part is present and the same size and condition on both sides; read your
manuals carefully and do your best to understand how everything works and
how to set up a basic starting adjustment. Without a good manual on this you
will be LOST (and I have yet to see a manual that describes how to do
this *right*) and unless you're an experienced pro or unaccountably lucky I
guarantee you'll do at least as much harm as good.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 T3 Ghia

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