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Re: [T3] car was running now it's not even walking!

On 20 Mar 2001, at 22:05, jesse and monica wrote:

> my 71 squareback was running well and then it ran out of gas. to my
> surprise it was leaking gas where the return fuel line connects to
> the metal fuel line under the rear of the car. so i put about a
> gallon of gas in the car and tried to start it up. no luck...not
> even a sputter. i did notice that every time the fuel system build
> up pressure the return line would start to leak. all fuel lines are
> fairly tight so that's not the problem. 

The clamps on the fuel lines my be tight, but if it is leaking the 
hose is probably cracked. You'll need to replace it.  

> i think that the fuel return line is somehow clogged. would this
> cause the car not to run? 

I doubt if this is your problem, and it would not cause the car not to 
run. Perhaps you have just lost so much fuel that there's not 
enough left to pressureize the system.  

> i would think that the fuel pressure would build up above 28 psi
> and flood the engine. does this sound logical? 

Yes, this is logical and correct, but a clog here is VERY unlikely, 
especially in a car which has been running recently. Note that if 
your pressure was high, MORE fuel (starter fluid) wouldn't make it 
better. You're probably getting NO fuel now for some reason.

> if so where would you first look to see where the clog might be.
> Fuel pump? Tank? i am sure that this is a fuel problem because i
> squired just a little starter fluid into the intake and it fired
> right up for a second so i think the ignition is cool. 

I wonder if you disturbed some wiring somewhere which has 
disabled your FI. Look around the engine compartment carefully 
wherever your hands have been since you ran out of gas. Look for 
broken or disconnected wires. Be careful, the FI harness is fragile.  
Does the fuel pump run for ~1 sec when you turn the key ON?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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