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Re: Michelin XZX

The Michelin X, XAs and XZX tyres that I have used on Beetles, Type 3s and
Type 2s have been made in different Michelin factories in France, Germany and
Italy.  To see these tyres enduring continuous abuse on the wheels of the
over-loaded beaten-up tired old Peugeot, Toyota and VW Type 2 taxis in the
cities and rural areas of countries like Nigeria, Mali, Ethiopia, Kenya,
Zambia and Mozambique is just amazing.  And, the desperately poor taxi
operators there pay a premium for these tyres.  The five different Type 3s
that I owned while living in Zambia were all shod with Michelin XAs or XZX
tyres and the Type 3 panel van endured the worst treatment in terms of load
and roads.  And, there are still only four main highways in the whole country
which are paved and those are in really rough broken-up condition such that
in places motorists even drive through the bush to avoid the 'paved' road.
This is common throughout tropical Africa.

Simon Glen
Toowoomba, Australia

Greg Merritt wrote:

>         Are Michelins produced locally/regionally from available
> materials, or are they manufactured essentially identically?  I wonder how
> alike or different they are when purchased in different locations.
> -Greg
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