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Re: Michelin XZX

Andrew Davidson  <vw1600tl1971@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> --- Russ Wolfe <russella@prairieinet.net> wrote: > On
> > But don't drive them on gravel roads. The Gravel
> > will eat them up.
> What would you recommend if you frequently drive on
> gravel roads?

I have found the exact opposite with Michelin XZX tyres.  See my
contribution of Mon 19 March to this topic.  With extensive travel all
over Australia on the worst tracks and off-road conditions possible in
this country as well as the same and worse in Africa and Asia the
Michelin XZX tyres proved unbeatable.  And, because of their high price
I only bought the Michelin XZX tyres after sad experience with other
brands.  The Type 36 Variant with Michelin XZX tyres was used on dirt
roads and off-road for much of its life in Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania,
Mozambique and Botswana and conditions there were worse than in
Auistralia.  The Type 2 Kombis that I have used with Michelin XZX tyres
were used all over Australia notably on the Birdsville and Strzelecki
Tracks and Gunbarrel Highway and the gulf Country of N.Qld as well as
overland across Asia and, of course, overland across Africa, a continent
where 'roads' in the western sense do not exist.  I could not have had
better experience from any other tyre.

Simon Glen
Toowoomba, Australia.

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