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Re: [T3] Oil leaking from behind rear drums

On 20 Mar 2001, at 22:53, Strex wrote:

> I pulled the rear drums off my '65 NB ... Anyrate I left the nuts
> off for about 24 hrs and have since noticed that ... What looks to
> be transmission oil is seeping out ... It is coming from behind the
> actual drum where it meets the bearing housing ... There seems to
> be no oil (thankfully) anywhere inside the drums .. Is this normal
> .. Being that I undid the damn 36mmm nuts or is it a problem? 

When you loosen the drum, the oil can seep out past the gaskets 
and O-rings. This should stop when you put things back together, 
but you want to make sure that dirt didn't fall down there when 
things were loose, or the seals may not seal again.

There is a commonly available seal kit that has the seal, gasket 
and O-rings if you want to replace everything.

> If it is a problem does it mean I need to replace the gasket on the
> housing and both O rings, oil seal and oil thrower??

Except for the seal, I only replace them if they are damaged. You 
should inspect the lip of the seal to see if it is close to worn out; if 
so, replace it now.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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