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Re: [T3] won't quite start]

On 19 Mar 2001, at 14:37, connie schmitt wrote:

> Jim, I tried what you wrote about turning the key on and moving the
> throttle by hand but there were no clicks, even when I turned the
> motor over and tried again it still wouldn't click.

Look at the side of the dist, at about 2 O'clock. There will be a 3 
pin electrical connector there. Unplug it. Connect an Ohmmeter 
between the center dist pin and one side pin (Ignore the wiring 

Have someone else run the starter while you watch the Ohmmeter. 
The needle should swing from ~zero to infinity as the engine turns 
over. Stop and reconnect between the center and the other side 
and repeat the test.

If you don't get the ~0 to infinity variation on each side, you will 
have to pull the dist (see your manual) and pull out the switch 
contact plate that the connector is on, and clean the contacts with 
a clean sheet of heavy paper. DO NOT FILE these contacts. 

Once the dist is out you can do this test without the starter; just 
rotate the dist by hand.

Once you pull the distributor out you will have to reset the timing 
when you put it back in.

Let us know what you find.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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