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Re: [T3] won't quite start]

Jim, I tried what you wrote about turning the key on and moving the throttle
by hand but there were no clicks, even when I turned the motor over and tried
again it still wouldn't click.

Jim Adney wrote:

> On 19 Mar 2001, at 8:00, connie schmitt wrote:
> > The pressure sensor is out of the '73 and is hooked up at booth ends,
> > the csv is not wired up all I had was one wire to it and I
> > disconnected it, I still can't get it to start, although, it it acts
> > like it's trying to start but then it just turns over. oh and no, I
> > have not had this running before this only if I put gas in the airbox.
> > I got an email about some switch for the gas pump that changes it from
> > start to run??? so that's where I'm at for the moment.
> Okay, good.
> So you've gotten it to run by just drippbling fuel in the intake. If that
> is true, then the ignition must be working. Is that correct? It's still
> probably a good idea to check the timing to make sure that it has a
> the best possible chance to start.
> Turn the key ON and go to the engine. Depress the throttle cable.
> Do you hear a series of clicks? These would be the injectors
> clicking in response to the changing throttle valve position. You can
> actually put your hand on the injectors while you do this and you
> can feel them click. When you do this you will only feel 2 injectors
> click. If you turn the engine over with the started you may get the
> engine into a different position where a different pair will fire. Do this
> until you satisfy yourself that all 4 are working.
> If someone cranks the starter you MAY be able to hear these
> same kinds of clicks without moving the throttle valve. Can you
> hear, or feel, these?
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