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Re: [T3] won't quite start]

The pressure sensor is out of the '73 and is hooked up at booth ends, the csv is not
wired up all I had was one wire to it and I disconnected it, I still can't get it to
start, although, it it acts like it's trying to start but then it just turns over. oh
and no, I have not had this running before this only if I put gas in the airbox. I
got an email about some switch for the gas pump that changes it from start to run???
so that's where I'm at for the moment.

Jim Adney wrote:

> On 18 Mar 2001, at 22:44, Dan Allum wrote:
> > p.s. After reading Jim's mail something occurred to me, have you had this setup
> > running before?
> She's been writing me off list for a couple of weeks now. Here's the
> situation as I understand it.
> She got a 71 car that came without an engine. She got a 73
> engine, wiring harness, and brain and put that in. I still don't know
> about the pressure sensor. The engine should at least run with the
> 71 pressure sensor, although the 73 PS would be better.
> At first it just wouldn't start at all, then when she got power to the
> FI, it was getting too much fuel. The fuel pump is running all the
> time (that the key is ON, I assume), but that's another problem that
> we can deal with later. The fuel pressure was 40 psi, but now she
> has adjusted it to 30. She thinks it is still getting too much gas.
> I suspect that the cold start valve might be wired up wrong, and
> firing all the time, or that the pressure sensor hose isn't connected,
> or both. She hasn't answered about those things yet. Of course
> there could be numerous other problems.
> Just to bring everyone up to speed on this....
> Connie, what have I left out?
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> Jim Adney
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> Madison, WI 53711-3054
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