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Re: [T3] won't quite start]

On 18 Mar 2001, at 22:44, Dan Allum wrote:

> p.s. After reading Jim's mail something occurred to me, have you had this setup
> running before?

She's been writing me off list for a couple of weeks now. Here's the 
situation as I understand it.

She got a 71 car that came without an engine. She got a 73 
engine, wiring harness, and brain and put that in. I still don't know 
about the pressure sensor. The engine should at least run with the 
71 pressure sensor, although the 73 PS would be better.

At first it just wouldn't start at all, then when she got power to the 
FI, it was getting too much fuel. The fuel pump is running all the 
time (that the key is ON, I assume), but that's another problem that 
we can deal with later. The fuel pressure was 40 psi, but now she 
has adjusted it to 30. She thinks it is still getting too much gas.

I suspect that the cold start valve might be wired up wrong, and 
firing all the time, or that the pressure sensor hose isn't connected, 
or both. She hasn't answered about those things yet. Of course 
there could be numerous other problems.

Just to bring everyone up to speed on this....

Connie, what have I left out?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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