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RE: rearview mirror

I recall replacing the rear mirror on my '67 and being PO'd
that the one I put in there wasn't a chrome mirror backing.
It came from the same parts car as the replacement front hood,
so it had to be in the same date range.

What I have now is a long twist on, no stub, white vinyl stalk
(matches interior), black mirror backing, day/night.  I don't\
recall ever seeing the stub on the original, but I could be
wrong.  I am the second owner, bought it in '77.

Odds are I still have the old one buried away in one of my
boxes of VW stuff.  I think the mirror plating started to
peel, leaving the mirror useless.  I'm such a packrat, I keep
the broken parts around!  This one might come in handy, if
I can ever find it.

Jeff  '67 Sqbk

-----Original Message-----
> My '66 Square came with a twist-on mount,chrome stalk,no day/night,no stub
> any kind,with a stainless steel housing(polished).

This seems to indicate that we are ALL wrong here. It's been argued
that the squares came with a longer stalk with stub, while I've
argued that they all had the stalks up to 70.

So at least now it's clear that there WERE mirrors in 66-7 which did
not have the extra stub.

Now, does anyone out there have a metal stalk snap-in (66-7) mirror
WITH the extra stub that presses against the windshield?

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