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Re: [Fwd: Re: [T3] won't quite start]

When I got the motor, I got the wiring harness and the brain box with it so that
all that was left on the donor car was the body wiring but I wasn't there when
the motor was pulled from the car. As for the throttle valve switch. there are 5
terminals on the connector.

Jim Adney wrote:

> On 18 Mar 2001, at 11:36, connie schmitt wrote:
> > When I pulled the valve covers off I got a bit of a surprise, I was full of
> > oil with gas mixed in it! after I checked the valves I replaced the oil but
> > it still won't start. I was wondering how I am going to time it when the
> > wires from the timing light won't reach the battery? as for where I live,
> > it's in portland, oregon s.e.. to be little closer if anyone can help me
> > find the problem with my t3.
> You will find +12 V on one side of the coil, the side that does NOT
> have the wire that runs to the distributor.
> I think the list has a couple of people in or near Portland. Perhaps
> if one of them is familiar with the FI they will contact you
> directly.
> I'm concerned about the 71/73 mix of parts on your engine. How many
> terminals are there on the plug for your throttle valve switch 4 or
> 5? How many on the matching wiring harness connection?
> Is the hose from your pressure sensor hooked up on both ends?
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