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[T3] my puzzler

Hi there everyone.  Thank you for your energies in this list, it makes
ownership of a type 3 a special thing!

I have two problems.
1. my 69 automatic will not start.  The previous owner had bypassed the
neutral safety switch so it would start in any gear.  I have looked, but
cannot find the switch(i have no type3 manuals! boohoo).  Can anyone tell me
where the switch is?  I want to check the connections there.  I am also
concerned it might be the starter or solenoid.  The starter definately looks
quite old.  Is there a way to test the starter?
2.  on my other vw, i am having a problem with the number four cylinder.
Everything was fine and the car was running smoothly.  I installed a 009
distributor(it is carberated).  I followed the instructions closely in my
haynes manual and was careful to put the distributor in correctly(it can
only be 180 degrees off right?  not off by 90 degrees?)  Since the
installation of the 009 distributor, the number four cylinder began fouling
plugs quickly, within say ten miles.  I had been having trouble with the
carb, so the timing was set too far advanced, and the carb was too rich.
The carb is now correct, as is the timing, and valves, and everything has
been tuned.  All of the plugs are still taking on quite a bit of black soot,
but the number four is chronic and disconnecting the plug wire makes little
difference although it is sparking strongly.  While double checking valve
clearance today, both valves for this cylinder moved and the cylinder was
making a sucking noise, so it sounds like compression must be ok.  I just
cannot figure out why this cylinder is giving me trouble!!.  Help!

Thank you in advance,
rob martin

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