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Re: [T3] two questions

On 18 Mar 2001, at 10:05, jesse and monica wrote:

> where do i put my jack under the car? i can't
> find anywhere in the bentley manual on this subject. i am familiar with
> water cooled jack points but not with the air cooled.

The OE jack just goes into a socket on one side of the car or the 
other and lifts that whole side together. Don't use it except in an 
emergency, because the risk of damaging the car is rather high.  

When using a more normal floor jack you need to find something strong 
to lift from. Never just jack up in the center of any part of the 
pan, as this is just sheet metal and it will simply crumple.  

In the front, any part of the front axle beam is good. In the back 
you can jack from any part of the rear subframe. I usually try to 
jack the center of the rear subframe and then put jackstands under 
the tube that houses the rear torsion bars, or the plates at the 
outer ends of that tube. This is the rather massive stuff you see if 
you look inside the rear wheelwell, just in front of the rear tires.  

> on water cooled cars i hook my multimeter up to the test connection
> to read rpm's. how do i read rpm's with my test meter on
> squarebacks?  

Hook it up between ground and the side of the ignition coil that has 
the wire that goes to the dist points. This is the same way that all 
standard ignitions are monitored. If someone has installed a non-
standard ignition in there the instructions may well be different.  

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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