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Re: [T3] two questions

For the jacking points, I wouldn't use the stock locations on Type3's,
these usually aren't strong enough as the car ages and could cause some
damage when they take the weight of the car. Also avoid scissor jacks and
bottle jacks as these are usually unstable.

To raise the front of the car I use a trolley jack in the center of the
front beam and when it's high enough I put an axle stand at each end of the
beam to take the weight. For rear I do one side at time, usually putting
the trolley jack on the torsion bar housing and then putting the axle stand
on the square flat plate just in front of trailing arms.

If I'm working under the car, I also put a couple of wheels under each sill
just in case of a something does collapse. The trolley jack and axle stands
a well worth the investment, safety first  :-)

hope this helps,

'73 Fastback

jesse and monica wrote:

> First of all i would like to thank everyone for there advice on my 1971
> squareback with 15,000 miles. i guess that i will drive the car until i
> have problems
> with the motor then deal with an engine rebuild. I have two more
> questions. First is....where do i put my jack under the car? i can't
> find anywhere in the bentley manual on this subject. i am familiar with
> water cooled jack points but not with the air cooled. Second
> question....on water cooled cars i hook my multimeter up to the test
> connection to read rpm's. how do i read rpm's with my test meter on
> squarebacks? what do i hook it to? i need to be able to do this to give
> her a tune up and get everything into spec. One more question....does
> anyone have pet names for there cars or am i the only one? my
> squareback's name is squirmy! Yeah i know it's dumb but if you have a
> name for your car....let me know.
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