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[T3] An update on my Type III search

Hello again,

I went and had a look at a whole pile of Type III's today, all owned by the
same two people, and all with different things needing fixing.
    I started off by looking at a 1600 Fastback TLE, which was pretty bad
and didn't have an engine, but had an automatic gear box. That one was
really too far gone for what I wanted so then I had a look at a '70
Squareback. That wasn't too bad, but it had some serious accident damage at
the front that hadn't been repaired to well and the sills were rusted out,
and also there was some minor rust in other places. They wanted NZ$1200
(US$600 approx) for that one, and it was pretty much complete. I then had a
look at a whole pile of notches and one fastback. There were 3 notches: one
had an excellent body, with only very minor rust, but a completely rusted
out floor pan (drivers seat hanging through the floor, passenger seat on
it's way out), another one with a good floorpan, but a terrible body, and
the last one had a reasonable floor pan and a less than average body, but it
had an engine in it (a complete 1500N unknown condition. The fastback wasn't
too bad except the whole rear apron and a section above and to the sides of
it had been chopped out with a torch, so the back end was a real mess. A
pity really because the rest of the car wasn't too bad.
    To cap the whole lot off, I had a look at a 67 (I think, it had the
sloped bonnet) notch back that had been completely striped back to bare
metal and painted in primer. That one wasn't bad, it had a little bit of
welding to do in the rear pilars. The only problem is they wanted to sell it
with another car, and I don't really have the space, and also there were a
lot of assembling and small things needed doing, seals, glass, wiring etc.
    The price was not cheap but fair for that one though. I think I will
keep looking around for one that is more complete, I am not too worried
about the engine but they seem to be a whole lot rustier than the beetles!
    The general prices they wanted for the notches was from NZ$200-600
(US$100-300 approx.), and for the fastbacks, they were cheaper because they
were in much worse condition.

So I am still searching!

Ben Doughney

'71 1302S

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