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Re: [T3] empi air cleaners

Subject: Re: [T3] empi air cleaners

> Considering what the expansion rate is, plus the fact that the gas is
> bound to get slightly more viscous as it gets cold, I really don't
> think this can help at all. Even if the viscosity doesn't change at
> all, the change in fuel density can't be as much as 1%. You can do
> MUCH more than this with jetting.
> The only way this might be necessary would be if you were already
> using the largest jets you could find and you were still lean. Does
> this ever happen? (Seriously!?)
> BTW, Acetone at the temp of dry ice is almost as thick as honey.
> -
When you are running engines that develope 600-1000 hp, and drink several
gallons of fuel each run. you use some pretty big jets, and all the tricks
you can. You do not want the cylinders to run lean, or you have lost a set
of pistons. I have seen pistons from Karl Moyer's funny car that with just a
slight miscalulation on the fuel mix completely distroyed the pistons. Some
of these engines basically just dump raw fuel into the supercharger, kind of
like a throttle-body injection system.

Russ Wolfe

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