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Re: Day/Night Mirror and segue into outside ones

  Hmmmm, I have a 2 screw chrome and polished mirror (not brushed, no
day/nite) and was told that it was a notch only mirror by person I got it
from, who I consider a pretty good expert. I just have no clue as to the
year. Mysteries to ponder.

  What about outside mirrors? I am in possession of 3 different styles of
outer mirrors, all of which are pairs (left short stemmed and right long
stemmed) for left hand drive cars. I know of 4 styles and the ones I don't
have are the "cat's eyes" style. I have the late rectangular ones, the pear
shaped ones and what I think could be rarer, some rectangular ones that do
not swivel to adjust. Those require a wrench to loosen a nut which allows
the ball to pivot . I say only because I have only ran across a couple of
people that have seen or know of them.

 How many more styles are there of these might I ask?



> Up to and including 65 we had brushed aluminum finish mirrors
> held in place with screws. Notches and fastbacks got short stems,
> . Some of these mounted with 2
> screws and some with 3; I think that went with the body style, too.
> 66-7 we get chrome snap-in mirrors with the extra stub on the stem
> which now gets an adjustable rubber bumper.

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