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Re: Day/Night Mirror

On 15 Mar 2001, at 10:35, shackedup wrote:

I agree with most of this, but here's how I would change it:

Up to and including 65 we had brushed aluminum finish mirrors 
held in place with screws. Notches and fastbacks got short stems, 
squares got longer stems with a sort of rubber padded foot that 
presses against the windshield. Some of these mounted with 2 
screws and some with 3; I think that went with the body style, too.

66-7 we get chrome snap-in mirrors with the extra stub on the stem 
which now gets an adjustable rubber bumper.  

68 stem changed to ivory, extra (ivory) stub remains with 
adjustable rubber bumper.   

69 day/night (anti-dazzle) feature added, extra stem remains.  

70-73 extra stem dropped, day/night remains.

The one thing that we really don't seem to agree on is whether 66- 
cars got different mirrors depending on the body style (ignoring 
T34s). I'm still waiting to see if anyone reports that they have a 
snap-in mirror without day/night, AND without the extra stub.

I am willing to believe that there might be metal versions of this, but 
I'm sure we won't find any ivory vinyl mirrors like this. Still, anyone 
who has an example of either should let us know, please!

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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