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Re: [T3] Front Fender Fit

n.b. my comment for not being able to swap early/late fenders only applies to
the front fenders.

Good luck,


Dan Allum wrote:

> The mystery piece of sheet metal is called a 'valance' in the UK, I think in
> the States they are referred to as 'aprons'.  :-)
> Unfortunately it's not a bolt on part but rather welded to inner wings (same
> for the rear valance).
> For bolting the fenders/wings to the bodyshell you only need to worry about
> whether they are the early or later type. All early wings can be swapped
> between models as can late late ones, but you can't swap early for late or
> vice versa. If your square has the bonnet that sweeps downwards you will be
> okay, but check the existence of a filler flap as these aren't on the
> earlier Type3's and also the different types of flashers/indicators might
> have different mounting holes so check that too.
> laters,
> Dan
> '73 Fastback
> dan-allum.com
> Scott Ralston wrote:
> > Hey there:
> >
> > I have a '68 Squareback that's had the front end squashed in and pulled
> > out some time in its previous lives.  The hood is okay, but the front
> > fenders and the piece of sheet metal below the hood on the nose (what is
> > this part called?) are both bondo'ed up and ugly, and starting to crack
> > and rust.
> >
> > I've found a lead locally for some front fenders off a '65 Notch; will
> > these guys fit my Squareback?
> >
> > Also, what's the deal with the aforementioned mystery sheet metal on the
> > nose?  Does it bolt in, or is it a matter of welding in a new one?
> >
> > Thanks very much,
> >
> > Scott
> >
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