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Re: [T3] Front Fender Fit

The mystery piece of sheet metal is called a 'valance' in the UK, I think in
the States they are referred to as 'aprons'.  :-)

Unfortunately it's not a bolt on part but rather welded to inner wings (same
for the rear valance).

For bolting the fenders/wings to the bodyshell you only need to worry about
whether they are the early or later type. All early wings can be swapped
between models as can late late ones, but you can't swap early for late or
vice versa. If your square has the bonnet that sweeps downwards you will be
okay, but check the existence of a filler flap as these aren't on the
earlier Type3's and also the different types of flashers/indicators might
have different mounting holes so check that too.


'73 Fastback

Scott Ralston wrote:

> Hey there:
> I have a '68 Squareback that's had the front end squashed in and pulled
> out some time in its previous lives.  The hood is okay, but the front
> fenders and the piece of sheet metal below the hood on the nose (what is
> this part called?) are both bondo'ed up and ugly, and starting to crack
> and rust.
> I've found a lead locally for some front fenders off a '65 Notch; will
> these guys fit my Squareback?
> Also, what's the deal with the aforementioned mystery sheet metal on the
> nose?  Does it bolt in, or is it a matter of welding in a new one?
> Thanks very much,
> Scott
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