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[T3] its time to change someone's life

hey all! i know i've been kinda out of the loop
lately, just thought i'd drop a line to fill everybody
in on my latest projects and progress.

project 68 fastback is coming along fine nowadays.
with a wife expecting in june, i've found my time
limited. lost a starter about 2wks ago due to
excessive vibration causing the selenoid to literally
fall off the starter. guess those two little screws
were kinda important after all! being my first vdub, i
must admit, i'm thoroughly impressed with how rugged
these cars are. especially when they are exposed to
the texas weather. 

with my new-found love of vw's, i've now added a type
4, 411 square to the collection. factory orig
everything including paint. interior needs some love
tho, so that's where the tax return will likely go.
any ideas or suggestions would be great on this one.

now for the biggest and most important project i'd
like to tell ya'll about. a young man, 16, in a local
school here in abilene really needs some help. doing
well in school, working 38hrs a week to support his
single mother who is also carrying two jobs, is in
desperate need of a car. they are both working their
hearts out yet are still very impoverished. my wife
and i were recently given a 1986 volkswagen quantum,
4dr, 5cyl and are scraping nickel and dime to make
this a road worthy car so that we can give it to them.
being a 4 car family, i cannot imagine being without a
car yet still holding down an 80 hour schedule each.
the car runs but needs a rebuild on the engine, i'm
putting new power windows in the front doors since the
orig units were shot and the cost of putting in
standard windows far exceeds the $50.00 price tag for
new power units. the carpet and molding needs to be
replaced along with a fresh set of brakes and
windshield wipers. the body is straight but the paint
is gone and the grill is falling out. other than that,
the car would be ready to go and perfectly reliable.
the tranny was replaced about 800 miles ago and the
shocks are brand new. i will hopefully have some tires
donated by a local shop. we are asking friends,
family, and local businesses to help with monetary
donations or parts but given the current economy, most
are having trouble finding the means to do so. if any
of you know of someone who could lend a hand or help
us find someone who can, please feel free to email or
contact us. we are determined to help this family in
their time of need. the way i see it, i should be so
lucky that when my son (or daughter -- we'll know in
june) grows to be 16, that they'd be willing to attend
school all day and work a 38hr job to help put bread
on the table. if i can take any part of this burden
off his shoulders, i will. somehow, someway, i can. 

i hope someone out their will hear of this and help
make this happen. for all the busted knuckles, broken
parts, and time spent turning a wrench for my own
happiness, it's time i gave a little of that back to
someone who's life can be changed by it. thanks again
to all of you and i will continue to keep you all

by the way, the ol fasty will get her new motor, but
not until i get this family their first car. 

scott lawless
1968 T3 Fasty
1972 T4 411 Square
1986 Quantum
1970 LS6 El Camino

oh, and the wife's ford

3809 trinity
abilene,tx 79602


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