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[T3] Type III advice

Hello list,

I just joined this list and this is my first time posting, so let me
introduce myself. My name is Ben Doughney, I am from New Zealand, and at the
moment I own a 1971 1302S Beetle. I have owned this beetle for 4 months now,
and I have started getting various VW magazines.
    I have been seeing all sorts of VW's in them, and I really like the look
of the Type III, and am thinking of buying one as a restoration project.
    I had a look at a 1971 1600TL Automatic yesterday. It had quite a lot of
rust in it, at the back behind the vents, under the bonnet, above the
mudguards, along the sills and just below the rear window. The floor pan
wasn't too bad, it had rust under the battery, but appart from that there
didn't seem to be any other rust. The engine had a lot of oil both on top,
and underneath, and also the gearbox had oil around the sump.
    The engine started all right and didn't sound too bad for a car that had
been sitting for a year and only started up every so often. I noticed that
it had Solex 32PDSIT carbs on it, and I thought those were only used on the
1500S engines and that all the 1600 were fuel injected?
    The price that the person was asking for it was NZ$200 (approx. US$100).
I will probably be looking at some more, this time some notch & square backs
as well as a fast back, and was wondering where are the places where the
rust is really serious and where is it easily fixed. Are there repair panels

Ben Doughney

'71 1302S

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