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RE: [T3] empi air cleaners

> I've heard of this, too, but it doesn't make any sense to me.

It never fully made sense to me until now, perhaps.

> If you wanted to just get a little more fuel in there why not use a bigger
> jet? Besides the coefficient of thermal expansion for fuel is orders
> of magnitude smaller than that for air, it would make little
> difference, make your life more complicated, and make operation
> less predictable.

I'm thinking in the other direction here, Jim.  Most serious drag racers
will be changing jets at the track anyhow, to compensate for altitude and
weather conditions.  Maybe the fuel at a constant temperature, like that of
ice, makes life easier because it becomes more of a constant then.  They
will already be working around the track conditions, and if it's 75 degrees
at their first pass, then warms up to 90 degrees throughout the day, that's
one less condition they have to consider.

I don't think cool cans (as they're called) are really that common except
for the street classes.  That may be another factor, many of the
street-based class owner/mechanics won't have the nearly space-shuttle
launching tuning experience of the higher classes like top fuel / funny car
/ supercharged classes.  You will rarely see a cool can on a supercharged
car, AFAIK.  To me, that means any gain is neglegible.  Of course, it's easy
do ignore something that may gain you 1 or 2 horsepower when you've got 1500
or so to play with anyhow...

Jake Kooser

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