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RE: Day/Night Mirror

>>When I tried to look at my parts list I just found it confusing, and
seemed to have been updated, with earlier configurations lost. I'll
take a harder look at it this time.
Mine is current up thru 73. When is yours?<<

My parts list is the August 1969 edition. It lists only one Notch/Fasty
mirror from 66-68, but two versions for the Squareback: 66-67 and 68.
The Notch/Fasty mirror and later Square mirror are described as
"anti-dazzle", but I think that might mean they're slightly tinted, not
day/night adjustable.

>>I have 2-1965 mirrors, 1- from my notch w/o a nub and 1- from a square

w/ a nub thats also 2 inches longer than the one out of the notch. But
they both
have the same part number???(311-857-507) go figure.<<

The Squareback mirror number should be 361 857 507, not 311. So the 65
Notch mirror is short and the Squareback mirror is long? That makes
sense, and helps explain the stub against the window on the Square. The
parts list drawing shows just the opposite: long Notch mirror, short
Square. Not the first time it's been wrong...

62 343, 65 361

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