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RE: Day/Night Mirror

On 13 Mar 2001, at 20:12, Scott Taylor wrote:

> I just checked the parts list and I learned a lot about mirrors. The
> list says that 65 was the last year for the screw-on mirror. It also
> appears that there are two different length mirrors through 67: one for
> the Notch/Fastback (long) and one for the Squareback (short). And here's
> where it gets really strange: the Notch/Fasty mirrors up through 67 had
> no "stub", but Squareback mirrors up through 67 did (my 65 does). Weird.

I took a long look at that page tonight and I think there is just a 
mistake there. For one thing, it lists the day/night (anti-dazzle) 
mirror for models 311-318 from 66-on; the illustration is of a late 
style ivory stem mirror without the stub. This probably accurately 
reflects the fact that this was the late (70-on) mirror which, by the 
time this parts book was revised, had superceeded all earlier 

The other problem with the book here is that there is NO mirror 
listed at all for models 361-368 from 66-on. I suspect that the book 
should have indicated that the first mirror was for all models. There 
IS a special version called out for M124, which was "yellow 
headlights, safety mirror." I'm not familiar with this.

This parts book page was supplement 8.

I remain sure that my 68 square came new with no day/nite feature, 
and it had the stub.

I should add that most of my experience has been with squares so the 
possibility that fasts came with different mirrors is something I 
can't be really sure of, although I am skeptical.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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