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[T3] (re)introduction

I've been type 3 free for almost three years now, but I think I'm due for a

In '98 I picked up a '71 Fastback real cheap when I was living in SoCal. I
sold it as I was going back to school, and I'm now up in northwestern
Washington state (Bellingham, specifically). My Rabbit diesel is back
together, and my Mazda 323 GTX will be up for sale real soon now (I have a
4WD Protege turbo hybrid that I'm almost done putting together to take its

The final nail in the coffin was seeing an ad for a '69 Fastback (the best
year, IMHO) at the local VW repair place, at $500.

The body is in good condition, somewhat amateurishly painted off-white from
the original dark blue. The interior (white) is in surprisingly good shape.
Looks like it would need new door/trunk seals. But it doesn't have the
classic Type 3 crunched nose.

There's some rust below the right headlight and in front of the right door.
The fender shouldn't be too expensive to replace, but is rust here
indicative of deeper problems? I didn't have a good look at the battery
tray, but it seems reasonably solid to the touch. And how 'bout a quick
reminder of what to watch out for (Is there a buyers' guide somewhere?)

The engine supposedly runs but won't stay in tune, which the guy said is
because the cam bore is messed up. Should I just go for a reman longblock
($619 from GEX)? I'm pretty handy with the FI system, having ressurected the

My long term plans are to electrify the thing (12 Optimas and a big DC
motor, among other expensive bits), at which point I'd sell the engine.



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