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[T3] Fastback trunk light

Hello all!

Well, this morning I fixed the door switches that trigger the interior light to
come on...but now I have another problem.  The light inside the rear trunk
doesn't seem to come on ever.  I'd like to diagnose this problem, but I need to
know the conditions under which the light should come on.

My guess is:

     - headlights on (parking or headlights)
     - trunk open
     - ignition on

Is this correct?  Also, I'm suspecting that the left-side door switch will play
a part in diagnosing the trunk light problem (just because it's so complex, or
do it and the right side door switch solely control the interior light?)...can
someone tell me the proper arrangement of wires at the left side door switch?
My 73 Fastback has a black plastic door switch (as opposed to all the others
which are mostly metal) that has 4 wire leads coming off of it at an angle...two
wires are brown (I believe w/ white stripe) and two are grey w/ black stripe
(and I seem to remember one of the gray ones being two wires meeting at a single
small spade connector).  Which wires should go where (A, B, C, and D)?

button side

A     B

C     D

side that goes into the A-pillar

Many thanks in advance!


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