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Re: [T3] sync carbs

Subject: Re: [T3] sync carbs

> > I think the real question here is, how do you turn the engine over by
> > to statically time it and for that matter set the valves.
> >
> I find it possible to turn over the engine by hand on the dynamo pulley,
> maybe putting a bit of extra deflection on the belt to stop it slipping.
> Have I just had lousy compression on all the Type 3s I've owned?  I
> say my grip is any better than most, and worse than a lot of 'sons of the
> soil'.
Remember, the generator pulley is about a 2.5:1 ratio to the crankshaft

When I have them up on the jack or on a hoist, I put the transmission in 4th
gear, and turn the engine over by turning the rear wheels to adjust the
valves. Attach a test light to the distributor side of the coil and drop it
down under the car with you. Ground the other end under the car, and turn
the ignition key on. BTW, have the distributor cap off while doing this. You
don't want the car to start. :=} I have seen this happen. Now turn the rear
wheels together, (backwards) and watch the test light go off and on as the
points open and close. After you have found TDC, you can adjust the valves
for that cylinder. Turn the wheels again, and go to the next cylinder. This
technique takes a bit of getting used to, but it works, and it keeps you
from having to crawl out from under the car to roll it to the next cylinder.

Russ Wolfe

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