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Re: [T3] Oouch

Those 88's you found sound fine.

There is alot that needs to be set up properly when you rebuild an engine,
ring end gap, deck clearance, valve geometry just to name a couple... if not
done disasters like you had are likely to happen.  If you have the time pull
the lower end apart... for 2 reasons...

First, someone screwed up the top end and you may find that they have a rod
on backwards or some other way havent set up the lower end properly... read
the Berg and Bentley manuels... check all these points. its much easier to
do it now and have the peice of mind and reliability.  I even found bad ring
gaps and such on the Berg kit I got... they all need to be checked.

Secondly... when you burn through a piston or gall it out it sends little
peices of carbon and metal into the oil on the lower end, and since we have
no oil filter this will quickly get circulated through all the bearings and
can severly damage them... but not show slop till a couple thousand miles
later.  All the bearings should really be checked.  You may find that they
used the crappy cast "never use" cheapie lifters too... and you want those
out and the cam lobes checked.

I know... a pain... but if you want reliability... there are just so many
hackers out there rebuilding VW motors!!


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