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Re: Day/Night Mirror

On 13 Mar 2001, at 8:25, Greg Merritt wrote:

> At 10:20 AM -0600 3/13/01, Jim Adney wrote:
> >
> >pushes against the windshield? I know that this was gone by 71,
> >but I'm not sure whether it disappeared when the body was
> >redesigned or when the dash was redesigned.
> 	Heh... I *thought* my '71 had this nub.  Could be wrong...

Anything's possible...  ;-) Of course it could also have been 
changed by a PO.

> 	It's also terribly likely that the changes didn't exactly hit the
> model year crossovers, I suspect.  My 1963 Beetle, built in August 1962,
> has all of the earmarks typically associated with a 1962 model, such as the
> stale air heaters and the Wolfsburg crest on the hood.

The Wolfsburg is a well known mid year change, I don't know about 
the heaters, but there are LOTS of examples of mid year changes, 
some better known than others.

> 	What's the purpose of the nub?  To provide a pivot point to
> facilitate the breakoff of the mirror in an accident?

I THINK it was to reduce vibration. The later mirror has a shorter 
stalk so its resonant frequency would be higher. I suspect that the 
long stalk vibrated badly at normal engine frequencies if not braced 
and this was annoying.

A side effect of the late mirror with the short stalk is that you can't 
see as far to the rear as you could with the early mirror. I suppose 
this could be cured by lowering the front end.
Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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