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[T3] Fasty Project Update

Well, I have moved (again) and the Fasty is in her new 2 stall home.  It was 
a bit of an adventure getting her there.  I only moved 6 blocks from her old 
home, but seeing as she did not have any front suspension to speak of I had 
to fabricate a dolly from some casters that I borrowed from work.  
Fortunately I had not yet pulled the rear subframe and suspension off.

After getting her rolling, we decided to just push her down the street the 
six blocks  by hand rather than try to get her on a trailer or tow her.  
Remember she is just a shell with no glass, fenders, doors, interior, etc, 
etc...  We made the trip after dark last Thursday.  We only had one busy 
intersection to go through.  I am sure we got some strange looks from 
passers-by and the new neighbors.  Fortunately we did not run into the 
Authorities.  Not sure what they could have ticketed me for, but I am sure 
they would have found something.

A friend took some pictures with her digital camera (from the chase vehicle) 
of the journey.  I will be posting them to my website soon.

On a constructive note, I got brave on Sunday and actually welded a new piece 
of sheet metal to the inner fenderwell of my Fasty.  This is the very first 
actually piece of the reconstruction process.  It was also the very first 
time I put the welder to my actual car.  The welds aren't very pretty (that 
is why I started on the inner fenderwell) but they should be effective.  I 
took some pictures of this too and they will also be added to my site 

Just thought I would share.....

John Jaranson
'71 FI Auto Fasty (Jane)

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