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Re: [T3] Screaming speedometer

On 12 Mar 2001, at 5:32, david a. wrote:

> I love my squareback.
> But it's speedometer is beginning to scream louder and
> louder.
> Do I have to remove the dash padding to get in there
> and oil it?

No, each of the 3 instruments is held in place the same way, but 2 
spring leaves which pop out and retain the instrument in place. 

Start with the clock. Reach up under the dash and find the back of 
the clock. Then find the spring fingers on each side and squeeze 
them together until the clock can be pushed out of the dash toward 
your chest. Once this is out you can see and understand what you 
need to do.

Next remove the attachment screws for the fuse box and move it 
slightly out of your way. Unscrew the locking ring for the speedo 
cable and pull it out of the speedo.

Finally, reach in from each side, thru the clock hole and up where 
the fuse box was, and squeeze the speedo springs together. Then 
push the speedo out.

A squeal in a speedo can be caused either by the speedo or by the 
speedo cable. It's hard to tell. You can put a drop of heavy oil on 
the end of the speedo input shaft and see if that will soak in and 
cure the squeal. If that has no effect, then you should consider 
replacing the cable, since it is hard to lubricate.

I recommend that you NOT try to disassemble the speedo, as you 
are more likely than not to break something. If your odometer stops 
working, I can fix that for you, but it is not a do-it-yourself job and I 
charge $50 for this.
Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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