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[T3] fastback for sale

im selling my fastback, we are moving and its still a bit of a project car, 
it has an 1835cc, new brakes all around, chrome 8 spoke mags, new tires, 
205/50/15's on the back and 195/50/15's on the front, white faces gauges, 
for oil pressure, and oil temp, and 2 auto meter gauges, a cyl temp, and a 
tach gauge,

its tan inside, complete, and mint other than the drivers seat has a rip in 
the ass support =)

has a 60's style gas tank,
h4 headlight conversion
new voltage regulator

engine specs:
solid rockers
009 dist
pointless ig
40,000 volt flame thower coil
steel braid lines and presure fittings, taped valve covers and a breather 
dual babby webbers
110 cam

and a bunch of other little things
total investment, about 6 or 7 grand

but how much should i ask for it?
im asking 3 grand right now

anyone interested?
the floor pans and heater chanels are totally intact
it can be seen in the scrap book at

its in north vancouver BC
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