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[T3] San Diego Type 3 Group Sunday March 11 2001 picnic

We gathered at Balboa park as we planned, in 
front of the automotive museum. We held our
BBQ in front of our parked cars in the 
parking lot on the tram stop area . It was a 
pretty cool location, I think. 12 cars and
13 members were present. It was the coolest
to see 11 Type threes and one T-34 convertable 
in a row. Quite a few people stopped to look
at our cars on their way to the various museums.
This was a very busy place with a packed parking 
lot. Some people did not know what kind of 
cars these were. We enjoyed ourselves quite 
alot . We swapped parts, sold and bought parts,
stories , information on repairs, showed off picture
albums and literature and set up
car help dates. Lee Hedges passed out copies 
of sale price literature in German and color
copies of advertisements of our cars depending on 
the model and year of each of our cars. This was
a nice touch, thanks !!!

 Our gathering lasted from
11:00am to 5:00pm . We had BBQed chicken
and some snacks. This was a pigout for some.
Our group consists of 26 people and half
them participated. I think this was a great 
showing for type 3's , I hope next time 
we can get at least little more than half 
of our group. We took some pictures. I hope
someone can scan these in and send them to 
our web master for our site. Non of us
brought a digital camera and I also 
forgot to take pictures since we were
so busy. I took some regular video of our
cars and I may convert it to computer
format as soon as I find out how. This way 
all can see it. 


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