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Re: type3-d Digest V01 #148

> At 4:01 PM -0700 3/10/01, Neil wrote:
> >
> >The pre-68 bentley is actually a book by John Fitzgerald.  It was
> >published by Robert
> >Bentley, Inc in 1970.  The later Bentley is much bigger and has quite a bit
>         Interesting!
>         I've looked at somebody's up-to-'67 (I believe) repair manual that
> was very much in the style of the Bentley books, but was more of an
> "official" VW repair manual.  I don't believe that this book indicated it
> was published by Bentley, but was more of a VW publication.  Soft bound,
> and I think the cover was green.  At "arm's length" it looked an awful lot
> like a Bentley (size/weight/chapter layout/pictures), but didn't seem to
> actually *be* a Bentley.  It's been several years, though, since I thumbed
> through it.
>         (Jonce, are you subscribed to the list?)
>         Is the Fitzgerald book actually published by Bentley?
> -Greg


Perhaps this is the one you were thinking of:
As Jim said, it is the same size as the Bentley.  This one on eBay now seems to be
in pretty good shape.  I have both of these manuals now, and I'm not parting with
either of them.  Check out Everett's site
<http://thesamba.com/vw/type3/literature/books/books.htm> to see many more cool
books.  Maybe one of them there is what you are thinking of.


BTW,  I have nothing to do with either of the auctions I've posted about here.
Just stuff I've ran across with my daily searches on eBay.

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