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Re: 68 Emissions Nightmare

On 11 Mar 2001, at 13:18, Dave Hall wrote:

> As these guys have exhaust analysis kit and assuming they know how to use
> it, the tweaking of the manifold pressure sensor should be small beer to
> readjust.
> What can you do with just one screw?

I think the problem most often arises when there is a problem and the 
first thought is to adjust the PS. Now we have a problem AND a 
misadjusted PS. People who trouble shoot like this are then apt to 
readjust the fuel pressure, so they now have a problem, a misadjusted 
PS AND the wrong fuel pressure, and so on.  

Pretty soon we forget all the things we have changed and have no hope 
of ever finding our way back.  

If it were all just a matter of ONE screw, then I would agree with 
you completely, but it never is. Plus the problem with this screw is 
that we have no instructions as to how to get it adjusted right 
again. While we can make intelligent guesses, that's all they will 
ever be.  

So often the problem is something simple that will be found if we 
just go thru all the basic tuneup and troubleshooting stages. If 
those don't help, then the only real answer to suspected problems 
with the brain or PS is to try a different part and see if that 
changes anything.  

Mark Fuhriman's trials should be an inspiration to us all as to how 
these things can be traced down eventually. Luis discovered amazing 
things about the poor quality of non-Bosch injectors and the 
importance of a properly working mechanical advance.  

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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