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Re: [T3] Ummm Ouch

On 10 Mar 2001, at 23:43, Ron Arnold wrote:

> its a 1973 with dual solex's , i did find i think alot of the problem, we
> just rebuilt the carbs and the linkage bolt was not tightened enough when i
> got the car home (towed) i found the linkage unhooked , this could be the
> loss of power IE: no linkage no gas no go.. ,, for about a month now my car
> has been almost a quart low but not enough for a full quart so i didnt fill
> it , but when i seen the oil all over , i put a quart in.. now my car was
> about [ ] that much of needing a quart so if i put a quart it would be that
> much over but when i checked it was right on the mark so im assumeing that
> is how much oil i lost but not sure from where or why.. as for my breather
> boxes the motor is pretty fresh around 3000 miles.. i looked for leaks i
> found it wet by the right tin  by the dipstick and also it was driping from
> the overflow tube where you fill the oil

On a 72-3, which would have originally had FI in the US, the breather 
vents into the intake air distributor, which you no longer have. This 
vent comes off the bottom of the breather box, under the small 
plastic plug on top. Does that nipple go anywhere now? With no 
breather, there will be pressure buildup in the case until it forces 
out somewhere. I think that's what happened to you.

The breather has a valve under the small plastic plug. I seldom find 
that rebuilders clean out the breather box or the valve.

If your breather box is the earlier one with only 1 plastic plug on 
top then there should be a vent coming out at about 4 oclock. Where 
does that vent hose go? If it is simply plugged then this is your 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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