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Re: [T3] Bently

On 11 Mar 2001, at 2:17, Greg Merritt wrote:

> 	I've looked at somebody's up-to-'67 (I believe) repair manual that
> was very much in the style of the Bentley books, but was more of an
> "official" VW repair manual.  I don't believe that this book indicated it
> was published by Bentley, but was more of a VW publication.  Soft bound,
> and I think the cover was green.  At "arm's length" it looked an awful lot
> like a Bentley (size/weight/chapter layout/pictures), but didn't seem to
> actually *be* a Bentley.

This may be what you saw:

Owner's Service Manual
For Volkswwagen Squareback & Fastback Sedans
published by Volkawagenwerk Aktiengessellshaft, 1966
Printed in Germany 11, 1966 [in English]

Mine is ivory colored, but there may be a different one published 
later. It has the same large format pages that the Bentley has.

It is clear that both this one and the later Bentley are derived from 
the actual VW service manuals since both use the same photos and some 
of the same text.

> 	Is the Fitzgerald book actually published by Bentley?

Yes, it WAS.

VW Fastback/Squareback Handbook
by John Fitzgerald
published by Robert Bentley, Cambridge, Mass, 1970
SBN 8376-0042-1
(covers all Type IIIs, 1962-1969)

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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