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Re: [T3] Ummm Ouch

On 10 Mar 2001, at 20:25, Ron Arnold wrote:

> cruisein down the road at a mear 70mph , my car then bogs to 65 then 60 then
> 50 then i see a glimpse of the green light then it went away , i look in the
> mirror only to see alot of smoke, i get off at the exit stop in the gas
> station shut it off , all over the front of the motor is oil , seems to be
> ether coming from the pulley or oil pump , so i dumped a quart in just to
> see if the motor sounded ok and let it run for a minute and the oil seemed
> to be coming from the blowby tube 

You shouldn't add oil unless the level shows low on the dipstick. 
Even then a half quart is usually enough on these cars. It doesn't 
take much leaking oil to make a whole lot of smoke.

As to your problem, which year do you have? I suspect that your 
crankcase breather or hose is blocked up and that it finally forced 
its way out around the rear of the crank.

I have occasionally cleaned out the breather boxes in engines that I 
am rebuilding and discover an AMAZING amount of built up crud from 30 
years of neglect. It would be easy for that stuff to block the hose.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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