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Re: [T3] valve seats...

Subject: Re: [T3] valve seats...

  Also, the
> > only VW heads I can recall seeing without the bronze guides were a set
of Okrasa dual
> > ports and the 25hp head.
> I have heard that VW went thru a period of valve stem trouble in the
> 1200cc era and that one of the things they tried was cast iron
> guides. I THINK this was only applied as a repair, and I don't think
> it lasted long. Since this was in the early 60s there was lots of
> lead in the gas at that time.

VW never supplied cast iron guides. Some of the dealers aquired them from
aftermarket suppliers. Yes, VW had some guide troubles when they first went
to the 1500cc engines, but they went from a straight bronze guide to a
silicone/bronze guide.

Even after VW went to the water cooled engines, they had problems with valve
guides. Follow an old VW Rabbit down the road, and watch the puffs of smoke
when he shifts gears.
> Cast iron guides remain available and I have seen a few heads with
> them installed. They were always COMPLETELY worn out, much worse than
> any bronze guide that I have ever seen come out of an engine. But my
> sample size is small, so I don't really know if this means anything.
I hate the cast iron guides, as they are a lot harder to get in and out. I
never put very many of them in. I usually use the replacement
silicone/bronze replacements.

> I didn't even know that Okrasa made heads (what kind of guides DID
> they use?) and I don't know anything about the 25 hp heads. What kind
> of guides did THEY use?
The orginal guides in an Okrasa head was bronze. I am checking into a source
that has a set of 36hp Okrasa's for someone.
A 36hp with Okrasa heads, decent cam and a pair of 40hp carbs would really
run. Back in the '50's and early '60's there weren't many "Hot Rod" stuff
available for VW's.

Russ Wolfe

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