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Re: [T3] valve seats...

On 9 Mar 2001, at 22:13, Type3Guy wrote:

> when I rebuilt the head in my Sprite...vintage 1968, the valve seats were completely
> crapped out!  I had been running no lead fuel, as had the PO.  The head only had 15k
> on it in its life time!  The head needed to be rebuilt with bronze guides added to
> avoid the same result.   Though this is not definitive, I hope it helps.  Also, the
> only VW heads I can recall seeing without the bronze guides were a set of Okrasa dual
> ports and the 25hp head.

I have heard that VW went thru a period of valve stem trouble in the 
1200cc era and that one of the things they tried was cast iron 
guides. I THINK this was only applied as a repair, and I don't think 
it lasted long. Since this was in the early 60s there was lots of 
lead in the gas at that time.

Cast iron guides remain available and I have seen a few heads with 
them installed. They were always COMPLETELY worn out, much worse than 
any bronze guide that I have ever seen come out of an engine. But my 
sample size is small, so I don't really know if this means anything.

I didn't even know that Okrasa made heads (what kind of guides DID 
they use?) and I don't know anything about the 25 hp heads. What kind 
of guides did THEY use?

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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