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Re: [T3] pressures (long)

> If it stops that quickly, then I suspect we are talking about the
> same thing. A couple of blocks is too short to significantly warm up
> the engine, but it's plenty of time to clear out a wet cylinder. It's
> possible that you still have one of the A brains in your 68, and you
> MIGHT benefit from an upgrade to a B. No other changes are necessary.

I have a B brain, at least if that's what the "B" is on the end of the part

> It's also possible that the opposite of flooding is happening. If
> there is air in one of the injectors or its hose, then it would take
> a couple of minutes to just get everything filled with gas.

Before I startd it this morning (so the injecters were cold) I did the "fire
injectors into jar by turning over the engine-test", and they all looked the
same.  It was quite interesting actually, at first they fired twice the
normal frequency.  As the starter kept cranking, I could see them slow down
to normal.

> At any rate, I would just drive off and let this recover each time.
> Don't worry about it.

I guess that's what I'll have to do.
Thanks everyone.

Barry Viss
'68 Square

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