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Re: [T3] pressures (long)

On 9 Mar 2001, at 13:04, Barry Viss wrote:

> It dosen't affect the timing it at idle, but apperently it does at high
> rpms,  I took the air cleaner off just to see if maybe there was too much
> friction somewhere before the throttle, but the vacuum still made a
> difference. don't you think the fact that the engine is racing and the air
> is moving fast would be enough? even if there is no load? whats that called
> again, the venturi effect or something.

This all depends on where the drilling comes out in the venturi; 
mostly the relationship of the port opening to the butterfly valve. I 
was willing to swear that this was placed in our cars such that there 
was no possible effect in the driveway, but now I'm starting to doubt 
my memory.

> > If this is just one cylinder not firing right away after a cold start,
> > then it may really not amount to much of anything. I've had
> > problems like that that I THINK were related to too rich a starting
> > mixture which often left one cylinder flooded. In my case, if I would
> > go ahead and pull out of the drive way, pick up speed and then
> > take my foot off the gas and let the engine brake me down to the
> > stop sign 3 blocks away, this would clear out the engine and
> > everything would be fine when I pulled away from the stop.
> >
> > Is this what you have?
> You could describe it this way...  it is usually smoothed out by the time I
> get to the end of our street, but I think that's just because the engine is
> warmed up enough to stop it by then.  The problem seems to be too regular to
> be flooding, i.e. It always does it, and the same severity.

If it stops that quickly, then I suspect we are talking about the 
same thing. A couple of blocks is too short to significantly warm up 
the engine, but it's plenty of time to clear out a wet cylinder. It's 
possible that you still have one of the A brains in your 68, and you 
MIGHT benefit from an upgrade to a B. No other changes are necessary.

It's also possible that the opposite of flooding is happening. If 
there is air in one of the injectors or its hose, then it would take 
a couple of minutes to just get everything filled with gas.

At any rate, I would just drive off and let this recover each time. 
Don't worry about it.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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