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[T3] Grenaded 1776 (Help!!!!)

I am just looking for a little advice.  A close friend of mine finished his 
1776 about six months ago.  I now has (or had) 6k miles on it.  Well, he 
pulled the motor because of a strange noise coming from the valvetrain.  
After teardown he found out that number three exhaust lifter bore was 
completeley shattered and #s 1,2,4 exhaust lifters were sloppy in their 
bores (1/4" motion).  All of the intake lifters are perfect.  Before anyone 
mentions it the cam-liter clearence was at least .040 on all lifters and was 
checked before assembly.  He has built many engines before this with perfect 
success.  The problems all originated with the exhaust lifters.  I think it 
looks like oil starvation to the exhaust lifters.  Does anyone have any 
ideas,  has anyone seen this before.  What I know about the engine:

Engle 120 cam
1:1 ratio rockers
GB Chromoly pushrods
New case (full flowed)
90.5 cima p/c s
Gene Berg heads (not sure which ones)
Counterweighted crank.

Seeing that the engine is a write off, all that can be gained from this is a 
little learning.  Any Ideas ???


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