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Re: [T3] 6V - 12V Conversion

Subject: Re: [T3] 6V - 12V Conversion

> Change the flywheel.  Use an automatic transmission starter so
> that you do not have to change the starter shaft bushing. There
> was a flywheel hub design change, as the older crank shaft end
> had a bulge.  The flywheel has a  step cut into it to clear this
> bulge.  It is probably easier to have a step machined  into the
> flywheel hub than to disassemble the engine to have the crank
> shaft end dressed.  Finding the correct flywheel is best.
> Finding the old style hub flywheel with a removable ring gear
> (and the correct ring gear to go on it) is next best, but
> harder.  A 6v bendix gear in a 12v starter is rare, but I suppose
> that you could disassemble a 6v starter, and have the gear welded
> and redrilled for mounting in a 12v starter.  You can also put a
> 12 volt solenoid on your 6 volt starter.  Or don't change the
> flywheel or anything else and run your 6v starter until it burns
> up.
A lot of the VW's I have converted from 6V to 12V, I just left the 6V
starter and flywheel. The 12V flywheel will not fit into a lot of 6V
bellhousings without some machining on the bellhousing. The last one I
converted was my doctors '65 T-1. It went over 5 years without a problem
with the starter. Then the failure was not the starter, but the flywheel
teeth were worn in 2 areas. I justed replaced the flywheel, and put it back
on the road. About 3 months later his daughter totaled the car, and I didn't
get the salvage bid, so I lost track of it. This car had a 1600cc engine.

Russ Wolfe

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