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Re: [T3] a shop in AZ

On 9 Mar 2001, at 17:11, Corivus De Lan wrote:

> >If he knows the type 3 FI and can do this for you, $1000 sounds like quite 
> >a good deal.
> okay since your pretty much the man in my book about VW's at the moment, and 
> just so I can get several opinions which is better to use, carbs or FI, 
> since my engine has a single carb setup in it, he was going to charge extra 
> to put in a FI system, and I currently don't have that much money (about 
> $800 right now) to go installing all this stuff, and I kinda want to stop 
> driving my roomates car so I can actually get my overtime in... that and 
> come in on time...

I don't actually see a question in here anywhere....

Maybe you should just consider doing the minimum necessary to 
keep this engine running until you can do it right. That is probably 
the best answer in the long run.

Is this the aftermarket single carb that sticks up thru the hatch? 
That one's not too good, but there was an OE single carb setup 
which should be very reliable, although this was not sold in the US 
in 68. Yours could have been brought in from overseas or Canada, 
however. (Or was Canada exclusively FI from 68 on, too?)

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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