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Re: [T3] pressures (long)

On 8 Mar 2001, at 19:40, Barry Viss wrote:

> Okay I measured the advance again and this time I took off the vacuum hose
> just in case, and sure enough, it only went to about 28 deg. this time, so
> apparently there is enough drag on the engine when you rev it up to affect
> the vacuum advance at least a little.

If the vacuum advance does anything at idle, or under any 
conditions that you can emulate standing still in the driveway, then 
it is not working properly. I don't know how this could happen on 
the FI engine, as there is only on place to hook it up, and that will 
have no vacuum on it under those conditions.

So I'm a bit confused....

> But, I still have the one cylinder misses when cold problem. It's looking
> like the computer? Spark is pretty much ruled out, F.I. harness has been
> ruled out, all sensors have been ruled out except the pressure sensor, which
> would effect all cylinders equally.  I cant see any way for the air
> distributer could be a problem... hmm...something specific to each cylinder.
> hmmm... Coud it have something to do with #3 spark being retarded?

If this is just one cylinder not firing right away after a cold start, 
then it may really not amount to much of anything. I've had 
problems like that that I THINK were related to too rich a starting 
mixture which often left one cylinder flooded. In my case, if I would 
go ahead and pull out of the drive way, pick up speed and then 
take my foot off the gas and let the engine brake me down to the 
stop sign 3 blocks away, this would clear out the engine and 
everything would be fine when I pulled away from the stop.

Is this what you have?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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